A Detox Plan That Can Easily Be Incorporated to Your Busy Life








By Jeannette Schreiber

Oh what fun the holidays have been! Now that things are winding down, are you wondering if maybe you have had just a little too much fun? A smidgen more sweets or one glass too many? Parties, gifts and time with friends and family…there has been so much to enjoy!

But now, maybe you’re feeling a little foggy-headed, slow-to-start in the morning, or even just a tad moody. If so, you might do well to do a little tune up and gentle detoxification. This is a great time of year to do some clean up–something easy and simple.

It’s helpful to think of detoxification as something that happens everywhere throughout our body. The primary organ associated with detoxification is the liver, but so many of our organs assist in the process. The process keeps us healthy by eliminating wastes of all kinds. Every cell in our bodies has mechanisms to keep themselves clean and working efficiently. It’s easy to give them a little nudge and see the benefits quickly.

One quick and simple thing you can do at home is to start your day off with a cup of hot water with lemon. This will strengthen digestion and elimination while simultaneously supporting the liver. Eating 1-2 cups of cruciferous vegetables every day will provide tremendous support for hormone balance. (Cruciferous vegetables include kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and more.)

If you want some additional support, acupuncture will support blood circulation and improve your body’s functions. It can give general wellness support, or treatments can be designed to give specific symptomatic relief. If there’s an organ that seems to be particularly weak or stressed, herbs can provide targeted support.

There’s no need to pay a heavy price for enjoying yourself. Your body wants to be healthy and will respond quickly to a few effective changes. If you’d like to get treatment, take home some herbs specifically for you, or learn some additional recommendations for things you can do at home, you can schedule an appointment with us.

We look forward to helping you feel your best and start the new year off right!

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