Updated 2/1/2022

We are maintaining a CLEAN CLINIC. In order to provide a safe and healthy clinic for our patients and staff, we are currently ONLY treating patients without cold/flu/allergy symptoms at this time.  

  • If you have COVID or flu-like symptoms do not come to the clinic. We recommend taking your temperature immediately. The top three symptoms for Omicron are high fevers, cough, and body aches. Look for additional flu symptoms as well.
  • We ask all patients that if you, or a person you are in close contact with, are feeling ill then please cancel any impending appointments you may have.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms, you need to get a negative COVID test before coming back to the clinic. You can also contact and see your primary care provider for any emerging signs of potential infection.

What should I do if I tested positive before my appointment?

  • Let us know immediately and cancel your appointment. 
  • STAY HOME! All staff and patients who test positive for COVID must be excluded from the clinic for at least five (5) days (isolation).
  • Patients and staff may return to the clinic after day five (5) if symptoms are NOT present or are RESOLVING and the result of two antigen tests collected on day five (5) or LATER are NEGATIVE.
  • Patients and staff who are unable or choose not to test, but who are asymptomatic or whose symptoms are resolving may return to the clinic after day ten (10). If symptoms are not resolving, they may not return to the clinic until their symptoms are resolving or until 10 days after the positive test. No patient and staff may return with a fever until they have been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication. Fever means 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.
  • A small percentage of people will have positive tests after recovering from COVID. If this is the case, one may return to the clinic when 24-hours fever-free & symptoms have improved, and 10 days since symptoms first appeared.

What should I do if I have been EXPOSED to someone with COVID-19?

(i.e. Individual who has had close contact within 6 feet for a total of 15 minutes or more exposure to)

Since quarantine guidelines for exposure depend primarily on whether or not fully vaccinated, please read the following table for application guidelines:

Fully Vaccinated: Defined as having received the second vaccination dose at least two weeks prior.

You do not need to quarantine, but must:

  • Test on day five (5) to ensure you have not become positive.
  • If you test positive, you must follow the isolation recommendations above.
  • If you develop symptoms, you must quarantine pending the results of a test.

Unvaccinated: Defined as not having received your two full doses of the vaccine at least two weeks prior.

Stay Home! You must not come to the clinic for at least five (5) days after your last close contact with a person who has COVID-19.

  • You must test on day five (5). 
  • The quarantine can end and you may return to the clinic after day five (5) If symptoms are not present AND the antigen test collected on day five (5) or later tests negative.
  • If you are unable or choose not to test and do not have symptoms, your quarantine can end and you may return to work after day ten (10).
  • If you test positive for COVID-19, follow the isolation requirements above.
  • If you develop symptoms, you must be excluded pending the test results. 

COVID Testing for our staff

  • All Annie Wang Acupuncture staff is tested weekly, even if fully vaccinated and boosted. 

The day of your appointment

  • Please wear a facemask. 
  • Sanitize hands at the front door. 
  • Maintain a minimum of 6 feet distance between everyone in the clinic.
  • People accompanying you need to wait in the car. No kids can be left alone in the car! 
  • You will be in your private treatment room for most of your time in the clinic, and the rooms are filtered with a medical-grade HEPA filter before and after your visit.

Sanitizing & safety measures

  • Our practitioners and staff will wear masks throughout the day. 
  • Frequently touched surfaces are sanitized several times a day, including door and faucet handles, countertops, and desktops. 
  • To sanitize, our clinic uses alcohol and an EPA approved natural, non-flammable, non-corrosive, and odorless sanitizer. It does not have the fumes or skin irritation associated with traditional disinfectants.
  • A medical-grade HEPA air-filter is in place in each room and runs through the day.  

At the end of your treatment

  • All payments will be handled online.
  • You can book your appointments with the front desk staff or directly online.