D.M., Woodside

I started seeing Annie when I had a clicking in my jaw. The acupuncture relieved my pain and after a few sessions my jaw was healed. After such a great experience I pursued Annie’s expertise again when I began having high blood pressure during my pregnancy. I scheduled weekly appointments that not only kept my blood pressure below the threshold of preeclampsia, but helped to relieve stress and dedicate a time for me to calm my body and mind. I strongly believe the sessions helped me take my mind off of daily stress and focus inward on the growing baby. And when asked, Annie was able to help induce my labor the day before the doctors scheduled a hospital induction at 39 weeks. It definitely worked because my blood pressure remained in safe levels and I was already 3 inches dilated when I checked in for my hospital induction. The acupuncture sessions with Annie were honestly one of the highlights of my pregnancy.

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