J.C., Mountain View

I first came to Annie Wang for a shoulder injury as well as fertility support. (My shoulder injury turned out to need a different kind of therapy, so the info that follows focuses just on fertility.) Being 40, I wasn’t sure if I’d have challenges with trying to get pregnant for the first time, so wanted to get my hormones, digestive system, and overall health as balanced and regular as possible. What I really appreciated, from the first visit and during every visit after, was that Annie was so knowledgeable about everything pregnancy related. I’d had a pre-conception appt with an ob/gyn, and my husband had a sperm analysis; some of the levels weren’t quite what the Dr. wanted, but Annie was able to review all the results and give a second opinion along with ways we might improve those levels through food, herbs, and acupuncture.

One of the things she wanted to change right away was the length of my menstrual cycle. For years it had been around 26 days (she said, to support a pregnancy, it was better that it be longer), and within one month of seeing her, my cycle was more than a week longer. and in about three months from my first visit, I was pregnant. So far everything’s going smoothly! I’ve continued to see Annie through my pregnancy (I’m now about 5 months along), and I’ve found it so useful and reassuring to have her to talk to about all the tests, procedures, etc. I look forward to continuing to see her through my pregnancy, and post pregnancy as well.

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