J.S., Mountain View

I was a complete skeptic and rookie when it came to the benefits of acupuncture and it was not until I started working with Annie and her team that my whole view on the world of acupuncture changed! I am now a total believer and always recommend that my friends and family try acupuncture first before succumbing to more medication.

Annie and her team made me feel 100% comfortable (I hate needles) and after only a few visits, I started to really look forward to my appointments, as a time to not only relax for an hour, but also learn so much from just chatting with annie. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she has no problem sharing. I love that she brings in her own personal experiences to help relate to whatever issue is at hand and provides you with a complex plan of action to help tackle the problem. I am now a proud mom of a healthy baby girl and I owe that success to annie and her team for making me healthy again!

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