Teresa Specializes in:

  • Movement Enhancement
  • Balance & Flexibility Improvement
  • Body & Mind Alignment
  • Stress Reduction

Teresa uses a variety of methods to enhance people’s alignment, increase their movement flexibility, and improve energy flow.

Teresa has a long-term interest in integrative health. She is inspired to help people live in physical, emotional and spiritual balance, enabling them to bring out their best. She enjoys helping people improve their range of motion and to feel better as a person.

Teresa’s sessions will help you feel more relaxed, energized and centered. She is particularly skilled in working with special population groups, such as cancer patients, people with compromised physicality, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, special needs kids and eating disorders. A practitioner with a broad portfolio of treatment options, her sound healing sessions (private or small group) are specifically designed to align and calm the bodymind. Teresa also enjoys working with animal clients, supporting with dogs in training at Guide Dogs for the Blind, as well as with cats at Nine Lives Foundation.

Teresa is a Certified Instructor in pilates, yoga, dance & movement, a Reiki Master/Teacher, a BodyTalk Practitioner and a Certified Wellness Coach. Teresa obtained her MA in Integrative Health from California Institute of Integral Studies and a BA in Dance from Chapman University.

Teresa can be reached at:
(650) 787-8449